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Phone consultations & Video Meetings

Connect personally, over a 1-on-1 expert phone consultation or video consultancy session, with our subject-matter experts. On fully understanding your needs, our team suggests carefully vetted experts to provide you the insight you require. Acknowledging the urgency in your pursuits, we strive to be at your disposal round the clock.

Expert phone consultations & Video Meetings help you broaden your perspectives and understanding of key points related to your field. A great solution to pace up your research and get precise solutions to complex issues. We envision marking a difference in the knowledge industry and custom recruiting on every project regardless of our database of experts to ensure the core of every consultation is driven by value.

Investment firms make use of our service and obtain value in the following scenarios: 

(1) Deal Origination

Trying to discover new deals in a hyper-competitive landscape can be challenging. Our one-on-one interactions with experts allow deal teams to uncover new investment ideas, conduct market maps, and narrow down on targets. Increase your industry connections, make valuable investment decisions, and reduce risk in your transactions. Our solution allows you to quantify and capitalize on the EBITDA, cash savings, and growth opportunities in the supply chain and operations and increase overall bidding competitiveness when time is of the essence.

(2) Due Diligence

Do you have a target or have identified a deal that might be interesting? Connect with our experts to cross-check information, obtain quantitative insights and quickly determine any potential red flags ahead of time.  

(3) Value Creation & Performance Improvement 

Trying to understand how you can drive value in your portfolio of investments and obtain expected returns on investments? Connecting with our consultants is a great way to enhance and implement new ideas, address particular issues, improve the structure of your organizations and look out for possible bolt-on acquisitions to obtain strategic value.

(4) Bolt-On Acquisitions & Exit Opportunities 

Use expert advice to align your organization and management, Capture quick-win engagements and further optimize your portfolio company’s supply chain and operations, thereby increasing the final sale price.


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