Golden Apple DWC LLC’s privacy policy clarifies how the data is allocated, utilised, and secured after acquiring it from the experts and the visitors to its websites.

By becoming a Golden Apple DWC LLC expert or visiting our websites, you accord to the collection, use, and entrust your data in agreement with the terms of this privacy policy.

The Personal Data Collection

Golden Apple DWC LLC accesses and collects your data that you willingly choose to provide us on the Websites (including information referenced under ‘The Use of Cookies’ section of this Privacy Policy), through email, over a phone call, and otherwise. This may include your name, contact number, email address, home and work address, job, payment preferences, banking information, biographical information, particulars obtained from a third-party background check provider, and feedback scrutinising your experience as an Expert. Also, we may obtain your information from a third-party. Golden Apple DWC LLC websites automatically record some of your data when you visit them. The information may include your internet protocol address and some data under webpage requests.

Golden Apple DWC LLC may place small ’cookie’ files with your browser’s consent, for further utilisation and ease the website experience. These cookies enable us to track activity and enhance the user-interface. You can always disable or decline the cookie download option from your browser setting if you must.

How Your Personal Data is Used

We bring your data in service to increase the bandwidth of spread of the updates and assisting the Experts to match with consulting opportunities. This also alleviates the support, development, and business services marketed for you. Your data entrusted to us may also be processed and accessed in the European Economic Area / or Asia.

Golden Apple DWC LLC does not share or sell your data with any third party for marketing or solicitation purposes. We don’t use IP addresses or webpage request information to try and identify you. We may use this information for internal analytics purposes and retargeting for marketing. Golden Apple DWC LLC and trusted third parties employ your data only for the purposes for which it was collected.

How You Personal Data is Disclosed

Golden Apple DWC LLC may share your data as an Expert with our clients, to seek consulting opportunities as this is the core of Golden Apple DWC LLC amenities. If required Golden Apple DWC LLC may disclose your identity and personal data as per government or official court orders, to effectuate an agreement between you and Golden Apple DWC LLC, or Golden Apple DWC LLC’s client, to safeguard Golden Apple DWC LLC’s rights, or otherwise as required by the legal processes for interception or declination of any crime.

Third parties, including your current patron, may request for owning the constraints on duties on your participation in the Network of Experts under them. Golden Apple DWC LLC will observe the requested limitations by the employer, for the contemporary employers, through an authorised frontman. Golden Apple DWC LLC satisfies the legal authorities and best practices. Golden Apple DWC LLC also retains the right to uphold the limitations by the third party for the same reasons,  on a case-by-case basis. Golden Apple DWC LLC holds the right to discuss your participation or proposed projects through Golden Apple DWC LLC, to keep a check and verify any factual information you provide to us or any permit or endorsement that may be required.

Updating Your Information

You are entitled to update your personal information in case of any alterations in your data and may be asked to review it regularly to assure it is up to date and accurate. Abiding by the terms and policies of your participation in Network of Experts, you are requested to keep the biographical and employment information updated. Golden Apple DWC LLC may also alter your data based on the records collected from the third party, or otherwise public sources.

Information Security

Your information is preserved for a rational period or as legally required. Golden Apple DWC LLC uses physical and technical security norms and methods to secure your data both offline and online, from any illegal foreign manipulation, accidental loss, or damage. Additionally, we hold on to your information for a reasonable period or as required by the law.

Opting Out

In case you want to opt-out, you can submit a written or electronic notice to Golden Apple DWC LLC at As soon as the notice is recited, Golden Apple DWC LLC will cease to contact you and will also cease to showcase any information concerning you to clients for any potential consulting opportunity at once.

Policy Updates

Golden Apple DWC LLC may update the terms and policy occasionally. To the extent authorised by law, any changes made will be posted on the website and will come to action immediately after posting. Any user or Advisor continuing to use the website and failing to opt-out will automatically be considered to agree with the alterations.

Contact Us

We welcome all requests, proposals, and inquiries regarding the usage of your data that is obtained by Golden Apple DWC LLC. All such inquiries must be directed to

Specific Disclosures for European Economic Area
(this section is effective on May 25, 2018)

This section appeals to processing data activities and personal information of data subjects, residing in the European areas. In case of any conflict between any policy statement under this section and other sections of Privacy Policy then, this section is impactful for the European Economic areas only.

Under this section, ‘Personal data’ means any information associated with an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject). An identifiable natural person is the one that can be identified directly or indirectly, referred by a unique identifier like name, identification number, location data, or any biological data such as the genetic, mental, physical, economic, physiological, or social entity of that natural person.

“Services” refers to services or deliverables of our products.

“Site” refers to any website controlled or operated by us.

In consonance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we serve the role of  “processor” both for the services we offer directly and that offered by the Experts to the clients through our platform. The realms of application of data protection and processing for those services are outlined in the contractual agreement enveloping the data processing.

Golden Apple DWC LLC may process certain personal data for maintaining and providing improved services to the clients, such as name, address, contact information, personal or relevant Client-Relationship Data. On top of it, we may provide some trivial data of marketing material or communication to potential or existing clients. We operate as a “data processor” under GDPR for marketing activities and communication. Our disclosures as a data processor are reported in this Privacy Policy.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

The description of how we collect and use data is set forth above under the section “The Personal Data Collection” in this Privacy policy.

Disclosing Personal Data

We constrain our disclosure agreement abiding by the European and national data protection laws and regulations. The data is shared with a certain type of company, aiming for potential or existing Clients, and providing refined services to the Clients. The companies include cloud computing companies, cloud communication platforms as a service, web-analytical services, mailing, employment-related social networking services, and emailing.

Legal Basis for Processing

Your data is collected to be utilised in many aspects, a detailed report of which is notified under this section.We share your data only with your consent most of the time, but under some circumstances, applicable data laws allow us to process your data without consent.

Processing personal data where consent is not required-

  1. Contractual performance

To perform any service obligated to you and signed under our agreement, processing, or disclosing personal data to our service providers.

  1. Act following legal obligations

To comply with the law, court orders, legal authorities, lawful obligations, or under legal processes.

  1. Legitimate Interests

To communicate regarding services, to notify about any changes to our agreement, and respond to any inquiry.

  1. To send surveys regarding our Services
  2. For our marketing services
  3. To enforce our legal agreements, Terms of use, or Licence agreements with the third parties.
  4. To protect and defend our rights.

Consent is required for processing- In case we are not authorised to process the personal data, we may ask for your consent under these cases:

  • Marketing

We may ask for your consent for Golden Apple DWC LLC to contact you over a phone call, email, SMS, post, etc., about other Services, promotions, or development which we may think is in your interest.

  • Use of Cookies

Golden Apple DWC LLC website uses “cookies”, which is a small file saved by the browser assists in enhancing the user-interface and provides a flexible extension for the website for improvement. We also use cookies and some other technologies to include social network sharing knacks to our main site, analytics, and marketing.Your browser sends the cookie to the server and helps distinguish the user from others. Some of the tools used may serve the purpose to track personal data records previously entered by the visitor. The personal data is generally obtained from the forms, IP address, etc., and data is the identifiers.

A user can always decline using cookies by changing the browser settings. Please note, if the user disables the cookie function, some part of the website’s functionality may be affected. Refer to the browser’s documentation for disabling “cookies”.

  • Interest-Based Advertising

Advertising that is directed towards your web browsing, surfing history, and application usage over time is interest-based advertising. You can choose to opt-out of receiving interest-based advertising or restrict it. You may also be asked for consent to our use of interest-based advertisements and cookies.The opt-outs for interest-based advertisements strictly requires that cookies are not blocked in your browser system. We abide by the Self Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising of the Canadian Digital Advertising Alliance in Canada and the European Digital Advertising Alliance in the EU.

For opting-out of interest advertisements, you can seek a convenient place through Your Ad Choices (Canada), or Your Online Choices (EU), if you live in Canada or the European Union. Opting-out for interest-based advertisements does not and will not receive any advertisements from us; it just ensures that data recorded by our website will not be used to customise advertisements according to your interest.

Withdrawing your consent

You can withdraw the consent for processing your Personal Data that you have provided the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice by contacting us at, provided that we are not required to retain such information due to applicable laws or professional standards.
If you wish to stop receiving future marketing messages and materials, you can do so by opting for the “unsubscribe” link included in our email marketing messages or by contacting us at

Data Subject Rights

You have the complete rights under certain circumstances to inquire as to whether or not we are processing your Data in our capacity as a Controller. Where we are processing your data, you can request access to, modification of, or deletion of such Personal Data.

Under certain circumstances, you also have the right to restrict the processing of your Personal Data or to transmit such data to another controller.
To exercise these rights, please contact us at

De-identified or Anonymous Data

Golden Apple DWC LLC may create anonymous or de-identified data from Personal Data that you have provided by redacting components such as name, email pr linkable tracking ID, that makes the data personally identifiable to you or through obfuscation or other means, our use of anonymised data is not subject to this Privacy Notice.

Data Retention

As long as you are a client or an employee of a Client, an Advisor, or maintain an account or contract, we will retain your Data as per the requirement. We shall also retain your Data as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, dispute resolution, enforce our contracts, comply with applicable industry standards, and in accordance with disaster recovery procedures.

Right to File a Complaint with a Supervisory Authority

You have the complete rights to lodge a complaint regarding any dispute or issues that you may face in regard to Golden Apple DWC LLC with a supervisory authority.

Contact Us

If you have enquiries regarding this Privacy Note, please contact us at

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