"We believe our diversity makes us stronger, smarter and more innovative, helping us better serve the needs of our clients, our people and our communities"

Our distinction in the knowledge market allows us to cater to a wide and diversified range of Golden Apple clients. These include strategy professionals and pivotal decision-makers at leading Investment management firms as well as non-profit organizations. We specialize in Iberia and the UAE and also have the ability and constant urge to connect clients with experts across the globe.


Our team of industry experts help guide Golden Apple clients, especially Private Equity firms in their research initiatives. From conducting comprehensive due diligence, deal sourcing, portfolio management, and identifying entry and exit opportunities. Irrespective of whether they are early stage or substantiating assumptions in the Investment memorandum, we help them understand  relevant opportunities and spot potential risks and red flags. This facilitates the effective screening of deals in the process. 


With our experts’ acute market understanding, we empower the client pitches of consultancies by providing them with suitable resources. Additionally, we also lend support for various corporate strategy projects as well as for private equity due diligence. 


Startup ecosystems benefit largely from our database. They collect market intelligence to team up with senior executives and corporate strategists and implement growth initiatives for their firms.


Our experts provide deep support to asset managers and hedge funds in assessing potential investments and opportunities. They are equally distinguished in corporate finance; resolving problems concerning capital structure.


We are dedicated to helping social entrepreneurs and NPOs tackle the most pressing global challenges of our times. Courtesy of our core of philanthropy.

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